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Planet Ozkids

A world of Learning, Fun and Games

Planet Ozkids - A world of learning , games and  funBuilding on the success of the award winning Animals, Myths & Legends web site, this niche portal is focused on 7 to 14 year olds and their educators.

It aggregates original content and links to other web sites, suitable for the target audience.

For kids, there are fun and exciting areas to explore and interesting characters to meet. They could save a world, play with a platypus or meet a dragon. And use free graphics for their own projects.

For educators or parents there are interesting characters, storylines and activities based on learning outcomes of literacy, problem solving, history, puzzlework and logic.

Themes include cultural differences between countries, environmental problems facing our world and exploration of the galaxy.

The educators section contains suggestions for off-line classroom activities and links to other educational resources.

Services, information and content will be continually added for the Planet Ozkids community. We will publish items created by kids and provide opportunities for educators to swap ideas and gain more knowledge about Internet delivery.

Planet Ozkids - a world of learning, fun and games


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