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Ace Detectives

Mystery, Adventure and Fun

Ace Detectives - Mystery, History ,  Adventure and funA series of detective mysteries that follow the adventures of the Ace Detectives - four teenagers from Australia- as they solve mysteries around the world.

They use computers and high-tech gadgets to solve cases that have connections to the past and present time.

The series is centered around the four teenage detectives, their relationships with each other and the mysteries they solve.

Plot material includes historical events with twenty first century connections and the high-tech world of computers and gadgets.

Mystery at Ghost Mine

The first story explores the idea that a crime committed by one generation can haunt those living in another. The action takes place in Victoria, Australia - in Melbourne and Ballarat - and in the USA, near Barstow in California and inside an abandoned silver mine.

The historical background connects the American Civil War, the Confederate navy and the gold fields of Ballarat in Australia.

Ace Detectives - Mystery, History, Adventure and Fun


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